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IUVENTA‘s mission and vision

Our mission

„We support young people, so they know, are able and can use opportunities for their better life. “

Our vision

„To be one of the key players, participating in creation of a modern, inclusive and participatory youth policy and in delivering new trends to youth work.“
„To be an effectively working public institution emphasizing the quality of its activity and proficiency of its employees.“

Values that we follow

Respect: We treat our clients as well as our co-workers with respect and full esteem.

Proficiency: We are experts in the field of our operation.

Professionalism: We can develop and use our proficiency and share it with the others.

Partnership: Our approach helps us create a long-term cooperation based on partnerships.

Accessibility: We make it easier for our clients to approach us and are prepared to offer a helping hand.

Philanthropy: Not only we speak about philanthropy, but we act accordingly.

Democracy: We make decisions jointly and we take responsibility for the decisions we have made.

Protecting the environment: We protect the environment through everyday decisions and actions.

Modern social policy: We appreciate our employees and create modern conditions for a quality working life and working environment.

IUVENTA - Slovak Youth Institute:

  • is a state organization directly managed by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic,
  • offers educational, methodical and informational activities for various target groups,
  • performs tasks resulting from the state policy towards children and youth,
  • coordinates and implements activities to promote and develop research in the field of youth,
  • administrates grant programs of  the Ministry of  Education, Science, Research and Sport of the SR (ADAM) and the European Union (Youth in Action),
  • operates in the sphere of work with talented youth (school subjects‘ competitions called „Olympiads“),
  • is the seat of Eurodesk – European information network for youth and youth workers.

IUVENTA provides information on:

  • Youth mobility and possibilities of its support,
  • State support of  talented youth,
  • Study, work and leisure time of youth and youth workers,
  • Young people‘s participation,
  • Current legislation,
  • Youth volunteering,
  • Education in the area of human rights,
  • Youth research,
  • Work with youth and its support.

SYI is an organization of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of  SR