Iuventa / IUVENTA / Slovak youth iustitute - short introduction

Slovak Youth Institute - in a nutshell

IUVENTA – Slovak Youth Institute is a state institution, directly managed by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic. Its scope of activities includes youth work outside school and family and the youth policy in the Slovak Republic and beyond. The aim of its activities is to implement the state policy towards children and youth.

Our Target groups:

  • volunteers and professional youth workers from associations, youth organizations and school institutions;
  • youth activists, youth group leaders, etc.;
  • teachers from schools and school facilities;
  • primary and secondary school students;
  • workers from Regional school authorities and organizers of the lower rounds of competitions;
  • workers from the different institutions in its decisions affecting the life and mission of Youth;
  • researchers and PhD students working in the field of youth research. 

Our Activities:

  • educational: participation of the young people at  the school, municipality and region life, youth volunteers activities, backing up applicants into grant programmes, human rights education, training activities in the area of work with talented young people etc.;
  • conceptual:  preparation of state policy materials, act basic documents influencing life and status of the young people or entities working with youth (Civil associations, Youth centres, etc.);
  • informational: information network for young people and youth workers, basic documents for European portal EKCYP, Youth Portal, etc.;
  • research: creation and filling up youth research data, seminars with topic- research , information network, participation in research projects, direct support of researchers, etc.;
  • support activities for children and youth work development:, e.g. grant programmes administration;
  • support activities in the area of work with talented young people – organization of nation-wide round competitions, winner´s meetings, committee meetings;
  • international activities: mainly educational and informational.

Themes that we tackle:

  • youth participation on  the life of municipality, school, region;
  • youth volunteering development;
  • human rights education;
  • non-formal education in the field of youth work;
  • inclusion of young people with lack of opportunities into society.

There are currently 110 employees working in the Slovak Youth Institute. Other staff is involved in the management and operations of the organization and take care of the properties entrusted in the responsibility of IUVENTA (entity at Karloveska street, facility at Budkova street).