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Appeal to Cooperate

Support and development of the youth research 2008 – 2010

The Slovak Youth Institute asks everyone, who is interested, to cooperate.


  • Help to fill in the gaps in the knowledge about youth through supporting the creation of new research projects
  • Cooperation and then networking of partners active in the research area – directing their attention to the problems of youth in the priority areas
  • Help and support of young researchers by providing them with financial means, professional counseling and cooperation
  • Propagation of the researches in the area of youth

In 2008 – 2010 these projects will be supported:

Primarily aimed at:

  • Autonomy of young people (transfer from school to work, housing, getting independent in the broadest sense of the word…)
  • Community life and young people in the village

Secondarily dealing with questions of:

  • Participation in the civil and political life
  • Development of volunteering among young people
  • Analysis of participation of young people in the creation, administration and usage of the informational services
  • Effectiveness of non-formal education in the field of youth work
  • Effectiveness of support programs in the youth work field
  • Work with minorities, migration and mobility of youth
  • Coping with the multicultural aspect of the new Europe
  • and other

Basic Information:

In the framework of the appeal to cooperate it is possible to support:

  • actual master thesis or their parts
  • independent research projects of various formats

The appeal is addressed to organizations, institutions, associations, various subjects, private persons.

The start of the research work: summer 2008.

The last hand-in date for the reports: December 2009.

The last hand-in date for the reports in a popular format: February 2010.

The date of processing the projects and their documentation: 25th August 2008.

Information about the sum of the grant and the formal start of cooperation (work agreement, contract for work): 15th July 2008.

To ensure the quality of the researches, there will be a consultation group created for every research.

Please, send your projects (required structure) on zoricakova@iuventa.sk until 20th June 2008.

The estimated sum of support for the processing of a master thesis expertise is not more than 50 000 SK.

The maximum amount of support for an independent research project is not set. After an agreement it is possible to secure the collection of the data by a professional firm without any contribution.