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Data Archive

Dataarchive is a specialized web page originate from the year 2006. Its main goal is to separate informations from different youth researches according to number, content and intent of informations.


  • systematize and process data from empirical sociological researches together with electronic documentations prepared according to international data archive standards,
  • systematize and process data from different research actions realized as a part of young people university qualification or as a part  of their activities in the youth work system in Slovakia,
  • provide informations for non-commerce admass usage, for needs of social-science research, university students, journalists, state and non-govenmental institutions.

IUVENTA ensure its regular updating of  the financial support of Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of  SR.

You can find the Dataarchive of the youth researches at www.vyskummladeze.sk.