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The very beginning ....

On May 15th, 1968 a meeting was organized in Ostrava (Czechoslovakia) with the aim to create some basic rules for the international competition, called later as International Chemical Olympiad. Three countries took part, with representatives of the National committees of the countries. The report gave answers to some fundamental questions that formed later a basis for the preliminary regulations of the new international competition. The first regulations were very simple and consisted of seven points. 

1.   Competitions of this kind should promote friendship and co-operation among the pupils, closer contacts among the young scientific workers, exchange of pedagogical and scientific experience.

2.   The organizer of the competition is the Ministry of Education of the organizing country.

3.   The competition should be organized at the end of the school year.

4.   National team consists of pupils and accompanying persons (teachers).

5.   Pupils of the secondary school without a special chemical orientation can only participate in the competition.

6.   The IChO is a competition of individual pupils, not a competition of teams.

7.   The IChO will consist of two parts: theoretical and experimental.


These first regulations were approved during the 1st International Chemistry Olympiad on 21st of June 1968. 

Compare the first regulations with those approved by the International Jury of the 45th  International Chemistry Olympiad in Moscow (Russian Federation) in July 2013.

ICHO REGULATIONS –  The official version 


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