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is the most important institution of the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO). From the very beginning of the IChO there were many discussions about its functions and responsibilities. The basic structure of the International Jury was proposed already in the year 1993. Later the resposibilities of the International Jury were incorporated into the Regulations of the IChO as paragraphs 6 and 7.

I n s t i t u t i o n s  o f  I C H O

§ 6  International Jury

 (1)  The International Jury consists of its chair and members. The chair of the International Jury is nominated by the organizer. The members of the International Jury are the two mentors from the individual delegations and the chair of the Steering Committee, SC (see § 8).

(2)  The chair of the International Jury or his/her delegate calls and chairs the meetings of the International Jury concerning the current competition, while the business sessions concerning general problems of the IChO are chaired by the SC chair.

(3)  Resolutions of common International Jury sessions or its split sessions are passed by the International Jury when they are agreed by a simple majority of votes in the presence of at least 75% of the delegations. Each participating country has one vote. Changes in the regulations can only be made at the common sessions of the International Jury and require a qualified majority of two thirds of the votes. The chair has a casting vote in the event of a tie. The decisions of the International Jury are binding for both organizers and participants.

(4)  The working language of the International Jury is English.

§ 7  Responsibilities of the International Jury

(1)  The International Jury:

a)   is in charge of the actual competition and its supervision according to the regulations,
b)  discusses in advance the competition tasks presented by the organizer, their solutions and the marking guidelines,  gives comments and takes decisions in case of changes,
c)    supervises the marking of the examination papers and guarantees that all participants are judged by equal criteria,
d)   determines the winners and decides on prizes for the competitors,
e)   monitors the competition and suggests changes to the regulations, organization and contents for future IChOs,
f)     makes decisions on the exclusion of a participant or an entire team from the competition (see also § 11, section 7),
g)   elects members of the Steering Committee of the IChO,
h)    may form working groups to solve specific chemistry related problems of the IChO.

(2)  The members of the International Jury: 

a)   are obliged to maintain a professional discretion about any relevant information they receive during the IChO and must not   assist  any participants,
b)   keep the marking and results secret until announced by the International Jury.

are available to download

Ankara – July 2011                                                             

Washington, July 2012                                                          

Moscow – July 2013                                                             


for the IChO organizers, mentors as well as for the observers of incoming countries are available to download


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