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Past Preparatory Problems

It is stated in paragraph 10 of the Regulations of the International Chemistry Olympiad that:

“The organizer distributes a set of preparatory tasks written in English to all participating countries in January of the competition year. The preparatory tasks are intended to give students a good idea of the type and difficulty of the competition tasks, including safety aspects. SI units should be used throughout the preparatory tasks.

The total number of theoretical and experimental tasks in the set of preparatory problems cannot be lower than 25 and 5, respectively.”

The preparation of the preparatory problems became a part of the organizers’ duties from the year 1976.

 The attached compilation contains the preparatory problems from the five International Chemistry Olympiads (IChO) organized in the years 2011 – 2015. Not less than 139 theoretical and 36 practical preparatory problems with their solutions were prepared and published by the organizers of the mentioned IChOs.

This review of the preparatory problems should serve to both competitors and their teachers as a source of further ideas in their preparation for the IChO competitions. For those who have taken part in some of these International Chemistry Olympiads the collection of the problems could be of help as archival and documentary material. The series of the preparatory problems will continue with its second part in which preparatory problems from the other International Chemistry Olympiads will be published. The archiving of such documents belongs to the basic duties of the IChO International information centre. 

 Anton Sirota, editor


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