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Prof. Ladislav Machacek
Guarantee of the project

Bratislava, 21 April 2006 

Dear colleagues,

on the basis of Youth department request (Ministry of Education, Slovak republic) and in accordance with the Action plan of the government of the Slovak republic for the year 2006 in the area of youth policy, Iuventa (Development Department) is preparing a Data Archive of Youth Research.

We are kindly asking you for an external co-operation with the preparation of the basis papers for our Archive for 1 or 2 surveys, that your organization carried out from 2001 to 2005. Please read attached documentation.

Please inform us also about those youth surveys, which you can suggest for processing according to definitive methodology in the year 2006.

On this web side you can also find some annexes that describe our requirements in more detail. The determining aid is the Identification sheet of the survey. Please, fill in all the necessary information according to the prescribed structure (forms also available via e-mail). Extent of the text is not given.

We will continuously discuss all the questions and problems, that will arise during the process of acquiring necessary information about data and its processing for Data Archive of Youth Research; this can be found on www.vyskummladeze.sk

Best regards
                                                                                                           Prof. L. Macháček