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Interest of secondary school students in the Armed Forces of Slovak Republic professional service (2005)

25. 10. 2011


Analysis and public opinion department of SR MD monitors the interest of secondary school students in the armed forces service already from 2002. The survey discovers the way young people see the military profession, the army, what motives do they have for potential entry to the armed forces or the reasons for refusing the work in the army, how do they perceive the safety threats and if they think about becoming a professional soldiers. This survey was carried out for the third time in the 2005 fall on the sample of 1070 students in graduation grades from 45 chosen secondary schools (secondary schools, secondary agricultural and technical schools, secondary training colleges and associated secondary schools).

Social-pathologic issue of youth in the Slovak Republic (2006)

25. 10. 2011


The aim of the research task "Social-pathologic issue of youth in the Slovak Republic" is to depict and analyse views and attitudes of young people to several negative social phenomena such as smoking of tobacco products, consumption of alcohol and illegal drugs, and existing manifestation of violence and perception of marginal groups by their contemporaries. Family environment, ways of spending leisure time and scale of values of young people also form part of the survey.

Survey of the opinion of young people for the needs of campaign „ALL DIFFERENT – ALL EQUAL"

25. 10. 2011

The campaign „ALL DIFFERENT – ALL EQUAL" of the Council of Europe runs in 2006 and 2007 on national levels in many countries throughout the Europe. The project includes a specific demand of knowing what opinions and attitudes do the young people have on the given topic before the beginning and after the end of the project. This survey is based on three pillars of the campaign:Diversity, Human rights, Civic participation of young people and non-formal learning. One of the partial objectives of the survey was to formulate the basic recommendations for the youth policy, which should take into consideration the opinions and attitudes of young people, as well as their knowledge and willingness to participate on the civic life of the society.

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