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Views of secondary school pupils and university students on the living conditions of the youth in the Slovak republic (2004)

25. 10. 2011


Survey of views of young people on the living conditions in the Slovak republic is aimed at statements of secondary school pupils and university students about the influence of state politics on their way of life. Subject of the survey are views of pupils and students on: socioeconomic living conditions of the youth in the Slovak republic; conditions for education on Slovak schools; asserting of young people on the Slovak labour market; conditions for free time activities of young people in the Slovak republic; possibilities of young people to participate on the development of Slovak towns and villages; conditions for a family life in the Slovak republic; views of students and pupils on negative social phenomena.

Education to partnership and parenthood in elementary and secondary schools, inquiry into attitudes, value orientation and perception of gender stereotypes of adolescents

25. 10. 2011

The aim of our survey was to map the ideas of adolescents about male and female roles, about functioning of partnership, sexuality and find out the level of knowledge about birth control and danger of sexual abuse. Obtained knowledge was supposed to help at the creation of a prevention programme: education to partnership and sexuality of elementary school pupils in the 9th year that was carried out in two experimental classes. Survey was performed in Bratislava.

Participation of young people on school's self-government (2005)

25. 10. 2011


Within the frame of the European Year of Citizenship (2005) and in connection with the task to compile documents for the National Report about awareness and participation of young people in the Slovak Republic for the year 2005 for the European Commission IUVENTA and UIPŠ (Institute of Information and School System Forecasting) carried out a survey about secondary and university youth. Its task was to penetrate deeper into the topic of school boards and academic senate in the education of democratic citizenship. Research was linked to the survey carried out by UIPŠ from 2004 with the aim to acquire more detailed information about the system of establishment of school boards, data necessary for the evaluation of their activity and acquire information about good examples of the functioning of school boards. Survey of university students has for the first time allowed to observe functioning and activities of academic senates on Slovak universities after 1989. At the same time, it offered data necessary for ascertaining whether students - members of school boards show ability to implement experience of civic and political participation on universities.

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