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Interest of secondary school students in the Armed Forces of Slovak Republic professional service (2005)

25. 10. 2011

Identification sheet of the survey

Interest of secondary school students in the Armed Forces of Slovak Republic professional service

ID of the survey: DAVM 011
Author of the survey: Karol Čukan, Eva Polláková, Ministry of Defence SR, Bratislava
Period of data collection: 2005
Data collection: Analysis and public opinion department, Communication division MD SR, Bratislava


Analysis and public opinion department of SR MD monitors the interest of secondary school students in the armed forces service already from 2002. The survey discovers the way young people see the military profession, the army, what motives do they have for potential entry to the armed forces or the reasons for refusing the work in the army, how do they perceive the safety threats and if they think about becoming a professional soldiers.

This survey was carried out for the third time in the 2005 fall on the sample of 1070 students in graduation grades from 45 chosen secondary schools (secondary schools, secondary agricultural and technical schools, secondary training colleges and associated secondary schools). There were students taking graduation in 2006. When choosing the schools we followed the updated statistical data of the Information and prognosis of education institute for 2005 and the share of chosen schools corresponded with their representation in the 8 Slovak regions. The choice included state, private and clerical schools as well.

Objectives of the project and object of the survey


 The priority intention of the continual survey was to map the real and latent interest of young people aged 18, studying at secondary schools in the last grades in the professional armed forces service. These discoveries are an important source of information for correcting recruitment and reaching objectives of professionalisation of the AF of SR.

Object of the survey:

  • plans and visions of secondary school students after graduation – whether they want to continue studying at home or abroad, start a business, start working, etc.
  • the rate of interest of secondary school students (after graduation) in the armed forces service;
  • reasons for and against the entry to AF service of SR;
  • opinions about advantages and disadvantages of the military profession;
  • opinions about the prestige of military profession in the Slovak society, opinion about armed forces, sympathies towards the military and police profession;
  • saturating by information about the conditions of the entry to AF of SR;
  • perceiving the safety threats for Slovakia;
  • interest in the activities organized by armed forces (festival Pohoda, discussions with the soldiers at secondary schools, Opened doors day in the military formations , in the MD of SR etc.);
  • means of spending free time, values important in the lives of secondary school students, what websites, TV and radio stations do they like the most.

Outcomes of the survey:

Interest in military profession: The survey showed that 6% of the respondents wanted to work in the military profession after finishing secondary school. Compared to 2003 this share has not changed rapidly (it was 9% at that time). A strict refusal of military profession was stated by more than one third of respondents (34,8%), which is the same as in 2003 (36,6%). Interest in studying at a military university is also relatively low. Less than 10% of students think about studying at Armed Forces Academy in Liptovský Mikuláš. The survey indicates that more students would rather join the AF through studying at Armed forces academy than directly through recruitment centers.

Reasons for the entry to the AF of SR: The reasons for military profession choice could be considered as stable in the long term: better salary than in civil jobs, better social insurance after finishing the active service in the armed forces and an interesting work. These factors are perceived by majority of secondary school students as the biggest advantages of a work as a professional soldier.

Opinions about the armed forces and their prestige. The students perceive the AF of SR positively and majority thinks that our country needs the army. Almost 95% of secondary school students think that Slovakia needs the army. They have a favorable opinion about the social prestige the profession of a professional soldier has: in the chart of 16 professions it was awarded the seventh position after the bank officer and before the actor and policeman. The respondents have a positive opinion about the operation of our soldiers abroad in peace and military operations and they also appreciate their help with home elemental disasters effects liquidation. The majority agrees that the army is building up a new image and that our army is well-trained and professional.

Watching the media: The majority of the students listen to radio EXPRES. High frequency of listening has the FUN radio and radio OKEY as well. Relations with military themes like Professional and Full field are not known by majority of secondary school students; occasional watching of Professional was admitted by scant 9%, and of Full field just 2% of students. These relations are mostly watched by students with the interest of entering the armed forces, as well as the web-site www.profesionalnaarmada.sk. It is read by approximately 16% of all respondents, the majority of them just occasionally.

Possible threats for Slovakia: International terrorism or a terroristic attack is not considered by secondary school students as the biggest threats for Slovakia. These possible threats are on the seventh position, sharing this place with poverty. Natural disasters and floods, environmental pollution, drugs spread, organized crime, world pandemics of bird flu and global warming.

Values of today’s secondary school students: The survey detected, which values are important for the lives of today’s secondary school students, and which are not. We gave them a „battery“ of 25 different life values and they had to mark the degree of importance on a scale of „very important“, „important“, „unimportant“, „absolutely unimportant“.

The survey showed, that today’s young generation of eighteen years` old „respects“ traditional values such as work, family and children, education, peaceful life in peace, friendship, partner life. More than three fourths of respondents consider avoiding drugs as very important.

Recommendations of the survey:

The survey showed that secondary schools, especially technical and secondary training colleges, are one of the very important areas for obtaining people for the work in the armed forces, for aimed propagation campaign and recruitment. Reserves are composed of large groups of „undecided“ students (about 40%), who by certain circumstances allow the possibility to work in AF of SR, but also because of their general positive opinion about the army and military profession. In addition, more than a half of respondents is interested in more information and conditions of entry to the AF of SR, what could be used by recruiting centers to continue in making presentations and discussions, which were successful among students.


Information of the survey are a part of „Youth and the Army“ publication (body of sociological studies); Karol Čukan and com., Bratislava, MD of SR 2007. ISBN 80-89261-04-3. The publication is available in the library of MD of SR at Kutuzovova Street 8, Bratislava. Individual, but internal publications from all other three surveys are in the Department of analysis and public opinion of MD of SR archive. Report from the survey in the magazine Youth and society 2007, number 1, is also available.

Type of choice, collection of data and sample of the survey:

The choice of survey sample and the collection of data through the questionnaire was provided by a team of sociologists from the Department of analysis and public opinion of MD of SR personally – by visiting 45 secondary schools from November to December 2005. The choice sample was comprised of 1070 students before graduation.

Method of the survey:

The basic method of the survey was the questionnaire with 33 questions, out of which 31 were relevant.

Availability of the questionnaire
:  - it is not available for the public

Data recording: The data presented in the questionnaires were recorded in the system file of SPSS.

Citation: IUVENTA Interest of secondary school students in professional service in the Armed forces of SR, 2005

Availability of the data file: - it is not available for the public.

Other documentation:

Správa z výskumu stredoškolákov v maturitných ročníkoch 2005 (504.02 KB)

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