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About archive

DAYR started in 2006, when the Slovak Ministry of Education Youth Department  approved of Iuventa's research project called „Data Archive of Youth Research". Professor L. Macháček was commissioned head of the project and Doctor J. Šípoš the warrantor.

Archive arose from the need for the creation of a methodology of systematization and processing of the data with its documentation from empirical sociological research in electronic version according to international standards. There were many youth surveys realized in the 90´s in the Slovakia; however a sufficient overview about their number, content and focus was missing.

Data Archive services are intended for the non-commercial use of general public, socio-scientific research needs, students, journalists, state and non-governmental institutions.

Archive is also intended for commercial and other research agencies and departments as the basis for communication with public by publishing data from their research according to DAYR conditions.

Our aims:

  1. to archive empirical data and available youth research documentation realized in Slovakia after the year 1993 in electronic and printed version 
  2. to create a source of data for the needs of secondary analysis in a field of youth research and for educative needs at universities for bachelors, masters and inceptors
  3. to safeguard data and documentation protection against loss and destruction by archiving them in electronic version
  4. to support the increase of the level of information of the public about the life of young generation in the Slovak republic by publishing the data  
  5. to support specialized interdisciplinary discussion about qualitative development of youth science research in Slovakia by presenting methodological information

Acknowledgement to SASD

First consultations with SASD (Slovak Archive of Social Data) took place at the beginning of 2006. SASD was created by a team formed by workers of the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy in Bratislava and the Institute of Sociology at the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS). General co-operation in the creation of new specialized youth research data base was agreed on a symposium in 4 April 2006.

The general conception and the structure of DAYR have been inspired by the SASD. When using and applying the standard documents and models of www.sasd.konzum.sk we quote them consistently as a publicly available document and we also respect copyrights.