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CMS Opportunity


logo MVA     Welcome to the CMS Opportunity website !
This website was created to gather all information about the CMS Opportunity that took place in Slovak republic  from 24th to 29th June 2009.

All the information gathered during the CMS Opportunity you will find in the sections below:

Contact making seminar Opportunity

Slovak National agency of the Youth in Action programme organized a contact making seminar for the organizations, which have experience with working with Roma youth with fewer opportunities or similar groups of young people with fewer opportunities which was held in June 2009 in Slovakia. It brought together youth workers from Programme Countries in order to get to know each other, their organizations and countries. The seminar provided the opportunity to exchange experience of their past and exchange/create ideas for future.


Inclusion of Roma young people with fewer opportunities
In the years 2008-2009, the priority is given to Roma community within inclusion strategy of the Slovak National agency. This priority is in line with the national youth policy and the activities already started by the Slovak National Agency in previous years.
In the second half of the year 2008 a long-term training program was started. The focus is given on creating a group of multipliers, which will be active in the youth work within Roma communities. The objective is to establish a pool of youth workers (from assistants of teachers, young Roma leaders, community workers) working with Roma youngsters who will be able to implement projects under Youth in Action Programme. 
The aim is to foster social inclusion of Roma young people with fewer opportunities trough non-formal learning activities at national and international level. The training course, which is already running, has brought its first results in increased number of applications for action 1.2 towards the last selection rounds.

As results from national action plans, accepted by Slovak government in the area of disadvantaged groups, tasks to different departments of government were delegated in order to improve current Roma position in Slovak concerning fulfillment of Lisboan strategy.

Involved departments, mainly Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture, pay a special attention to children and youth in Roma communities. Support is provided through concrete schemes of grant programmes.


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